Season One
Winner Iconslovakia Slovakia
Followed By Season Two

Season One is the first season of Girl Group Wars. It was won by Nyx of Slovakia who were awarded an international recording contract with Warner Music Group.


  • Delilah Olofsson – Head judge – Swedish singer and ex-member of Jinx
  • András Lantos – Judge – Hungarian music producer
  • Eleni Papadopolou – Judge – Greek singer-songwriter
  • Roberto Ferreira – Judge – Brazilian singer


Girl Group Wars follows the same format as many reality singing competitions. Each week there is a live show where the groups each perform an original song. After the show, the voting lines are opened for viewers around the world, and the next day the result show is aired. In the results show, the groups are split into two. One half are the groups who had the most votes and the other are the groups who had the least votes. The bottom two performing groups are then asked to "sing for their life" where they perform a cover of a well-known song and the judges choose who is eliminated.


Auditions were held in six continents and over fifty countries over a span of six months.


Live ShowsEdit

Week OneEdit

Contestants' performances on the first live show
Act Order Song Result
MAN 1 "Wings" LOW
Azure 2 "Ljubav nije ljubav" (Love isn't love, Љубав није љубав) TOP
República 3 "Um mundo" (One world) BTM
Pin-Up 4 "Mane myli dešinę" (Love me right) BTM
Nyx 5 "Nehovor mi baby" (Don't call me baby) TOP
Madam White 6 "Waterfall" LOW
La Habana 7 "Usted no" (You aren't) LOW
Lahï 8 "Destiny" TOP
ROxxYY 9 "I'll Carry You" TOP
Fandango 10 "Agora mesmo" (Right now) LOW
Scarlet 11 "Ne malo tebya" (Not enough of you, Не мало тебя) TOP
Sweet Carolina 12 "Vacation" TOP
Sing For Your Life details
República 1 "Quero ser tua" (I want to be yours) OUT
Pin-Up 2 "Die Young" SAFE

Judges' Decisions to EliminateEdit

  • Olofsson: República – Felt Pin-Up had greater potential for success.
  • Lantos: República – Saw Pin-Up becoming more successful than them.
  • Papadopolou: República – Stated she didn't hear one word on-key while Pin-Up impressed her.
  • Ferreira: Pin-Up – Felt República had more overall talent.

Week TwoEdit

Contestants' performances on the second live show
Act Order Song Result
Lahï 1 "Skeleton Bride" TOP
Scarlet 2 "Mama Lyuba" (Mother Lyuba, Мама Люба) TOP
La Habana 3 "Olvidar" (Forget) LOW
ROxxYY 4 "Hold On" BTM
Pin-Up 5 "Kalbėti" (Speak) BTM
Sweet Carolina 6 "Little Me" LOW
Fandango 7 "Crescer" (Grow up) LOW
Azure 8 "Heavy Metal Heart" TOP
MAN 9 "Chemi sakartvelo" (My Georgia, ჩემი საქართველო) TOP
Madam White 10 "Freeze" LOW
Nyx 11 "I'm Still Alive" TOP
Sing For Your Life details
Pin-Up 1 "Break Free" OUT
ROxxYY 2 "Don't Let Go (Love)" SAFE

Judges' Decisions to EliminateEdit

  • Olofsson: ROxxYY – Saw more potential in Pin-Up to make it big.
  • Lantos: Pin-Up – Stated their vocals couldn't compare to ROxxYY's.
  • Papadopolou: Pin-Up – Thought their were a million Pin-Ups in the world but only one ROxxYY.
  • Ferreira: ROxxYY – Felt ROxxYY bored the audience and wouldn't sell records.

Week ThreeEdit

Contestants' performances on the third live show
Act Order Song Result
Nyx 1 "Zombie" TOP
ROxxYY 2 "Number One" LOW
Azure 3 "Znam" (Знам, I know) TOP
MAN 4 "Madloba tovebs" (მადლობა ტოვებს, Thanks for leaving) LOW
Fandango 5 "Eu não quero te esquecer" (I don't want to forget you) LOW
Sweet Carolina 6 "Girl Like Me" BTM
Madam White 7 "Creepin'" TOP
La Habana 8 "Conmigo" (With me) BTM
Lahï 9 "Pretend" TOP
Scarlet 10 "Ugar" (Угар, Waste) TOP
Sing For Your Life details
Sweet Carolina 1 "Singin' in the Rain" SAFE
La Habana 2 "Gitana" (Gypsy) OUT

Judges' Decisions to EliminateEdit

  • Olofsson:  La Habana – Felt Sweet Carolina had more room to grow in the competition.
  • Lantos: La Habana – Stated Sweet Carolina's sing for your life performance took his breath away.
  • Papadopolou: La Habana – Believed that there was no space for La Habana in the competition and it was simply their time.
  • Ferreira: As there was already a majority, Ferreira did not have to vote.

Week FourEdit

Contestants' performances on the fourth live show
Act Order Song Result
Fandango 1 "Vamos sobreviver" (We will survive) BTM
Sweet Carolina 2 "Wars of Nothing" TOP
Lahï 3 "Domain" LOW
ROxxYY 4 "I'm Here" LOW
MAN 5 "Keep Marching On" TOP
Scarlet 6 "Serdtse znayet" (Сердце знает, The heart knows) TOP
Azure 7 "Okean" (Океан, Ocean) BTM
Madam White 8 "What's It Gonna Be" LOW
Nyx 9 "Ja nie som tvoja hračka" (I'm not your toy) TOP
Sing For Your Life details
Fandango 1 "Todas as ruas do amor" (All the streets of love) SAFE
Azure 2 "My Heart Is Refusing Me" OUT

Judges' Decisions to EliminateEdit

  • Olofsson:  Fandango – Stated neither deserved to be in the bottom and Azure was one of her favourite acts.
  • Lantos: Azure – Stated that Azure was inconsistent but still they both deserved to perform again.
  • Papadopolou:  Azure – Gave no reasoning.
  • Ferreira: Fandango – Wanted the vote to go to deadlock.